Practice management software-DPS

Why cloud-based practice management systems are more efficient

Any legal business seeking growth soon finds out that firm-wide consistency of data and processes is critical to sustainable development.

This seminar explores the benefits of an unified IT system, hosted in the cloud by focusing on:

- data security in the cloud 

- cloud-based practice management software and the benefits of remote working 

- hassle-free IT (enjoying the benefits of technology without the management hassle)

This presentation was delivered by Osman Ismail, DPS's Managing Director at the latest edition of Legalex (2015).

 About the speaker

Osman Ismail has guided DPS Software through its 30 year history since he established it in 1984. 

Osman is a regular speaker at industry events such as Legalex, where he delivers seminars on data security, cloud computing for law firms, and other technology-related matters. 


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