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Enable your fee earners to work smarter, not harder

Technology offers an enormous opportunity to encourage team work and deliver a better customer service. Discover how. 

Team work is essential to the performance of a practice. But without having the right system in place, collaborative working will never happen. This e-book explains how to encourage people to work together and improve customer service with the help of technology.

Web-based client portal solutions were specifically designed to enable clients and fee earners to collaborate, exchange documents, track and complete tasks in a simple, time-effective manner.

Download this white paper to discover the answers to a few key questions that you should be asking yourself when considering the adoption of client portal solutions:

  • How cloud computing works and why should law firms adopt it?
  • The functionalities of cloud-based client portals- how do they work and how is your data managed?
  • What are the benefits of using such solutions in terms of profitability, efficiency and staff productivity?
  • What are the most important mistakes to avoid when selecting a client portal solution?

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