Make Crime Pay

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All the Tools You Need to Make a Criminal Firm Profitable

DPS is a truly one-stop-shop for all of your firm's technology needs.


Criminal CMS

Packed with procedures and templates and an array of automated features, DPS will improve your efficiency immensely.


Legal Aid

Time is recorded to a case, the claim forms are automatically updated and uploaded to the LAA, the accounts updated & receipted in one swoop



 Create the largest of court bundles in a matter of seconds. Fully integrated with your CMS, your bundles will be automatically indexed, page numbered and version controlled in your file history.


Work Offline

With our Offline Crime Module, you can create clients and matters, generate forms and carry out any other work you normally would, without an internet connection. When you do get an internet connection, this then syncs with the online version.


Client Portal

With mylegalspace you can keep your clients up to date with the progress of their case, ensure that documentation has been signed and you can check whether a client has seen your message.


Mobile Apps

With iTime, you can record time, dictate and leave attendance notes from your mobile. With SafeChat and SafeBox, you can securely send messages and documents to your client, safe in the knowledge that they can't be intercepted.

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